jueves, mayo 31, 2012

Pyramidal Water

Drinking PYRAMIDAL WATER will be free from diseases  and NO "free radicals" in our body, that "free radicals" are the cause of aging and various pathologies !

Water it is the most abundant substance on our planet. 75% of its surface is water and not consumed because it is always becoming liquid, solid or gaseous.
Approximately 70% of human body weight is water.
 Is a bipolar molecule composed of two atoms of hydrogen (H2) of positive valence and an atom of oxygen (O) negative valence, behaving like a magnet with a positive and a negative, and is guided by the electromagnetic field of the environment with molecules of other substances, collecting and storing information for everything that happens around him. Water acts as a magnetic tape recording everything it sees, hears and feels.
Water is the universal solvent and the  best fluid , therefore, has potential qualities, such as driving the magnetism and electricity. The paramagnetic properties of this precious liquid, gives the possibility to observe all the therapeutic potential of magnetism. When the water is subjected to the influence of a weak magnetic field, their physical and chemical properties undergo a change.
These changes are seen in the boiling temperature, electrical conductivity, density, surface tension and viscosity, keeping these new properties for several days.
If we put a container of water inside a pyramid for 24 hours, this water will be charged magnetism transmitting the pyramidal field and acquire the same therapeutic properties: bacteriostatic, antirheumatic, antiinflammatory, analgesic, anti-aging and antioxidant.
And you can do at home with your own Pyramid !!

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Energizando bajo una piramide el agua que vayas a consumir, estaras incorporando al beber esa agua TODO el Poder y las propiedades terapéuticas (bacteriostática, antirreumática, antiinflamatoria, analgésica, antivejez y antioxidante) de la ENERGIA PIRAMIDAL. DISFRUTA YA de este beneficio, ENERGIZA tu agua!!

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